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"Foreclosure Is Not An Option."


“I am proud to share how Domestic Financial Management helped me immensely with my credit. I had gone through a divorce after 25 years of Marriage causing my credit to diminish very badly. Domestic Financial truly helped me to get back on my feet restoring my credit , where I now have a brand new car, and have established credit worthiness with a few un-secured credit cards and now working on purchasing a new home. I truly was Blessed to have connected with Domestic Financial Management, THANK YOU!”


San Antonio, Texas

“I would definitely recommend Domestic Financial Management services to anyone who needs to improve their credit. Within in several months of having my credit score raised,my bank contacted Me and offered me an unsecured credit card. I am pleased with the services provided by this company.”



“I was a little unsure about allowing people to take a look at my credit. It took me a long time to provide information to Domestic Financial Management. I finally decided to trust and I am glad I did. Within a month, my credit score jumped from 563 to 787 with TransUnion, 763 with Experian and 703 with Equifax. This is the best news I ever got and I will be continuing to allow DFM to work on my behalf. Thank you for a job well done, I could not have done it without you.”



I would just like to say a BIG thank you to you and your company for helping me to achieve my home modification and for me to be able to keep my home! There were a lot of untrustworthy businesses out there that were trying to direct me to have to pay them a fee to do my home modification. Without the Help of Domestic Financial Management I would not be in my lovely home and would have wasted money! This company helped me understand how modification works and gave me the assurance I needed to make this happen.
I can never say Thank You have really put my mind at ease!