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Credit Score Improvement

Since 2008, we have helped hundreds of clients increase their credit score.

The first step in improving your credit is to run your credit report. If you already have a copy of your credit report that will suffice.

Once we determine your score we’ll help you define your goals. We start by eliminating negative marks on your credit report. Well make additional recommendations and corrections to effectively raise your credit score in only a few months.

Credit Building Program

Domestic Financial Management LLC provides a six month credit building program to get your score well above 700 for consumers with credit score that need extensive improvement. This program will not only increase your credit score, but it will stabilize your score permanently.

Our Credit Building Program is just one of our complimentary services to make sure you relax while we stop the harassing calls and letters. We work to get your credit fixed fast.

Stop The Harassment

We offer free assistants to stops harassing calls and threats from creditors. Our legal cease and desist notifications will stop the harassing calls.

Call or Email us for any questions 24 hours a day.

Credit Building Tools

Can Rent Build Credit?

Build up your fico score by paying your rent visit for more information. Can Rent Build Credit?

Credit Strong

This is an installment loan meaning, you make small monthly payments and the money is placed into a savings account that you earn interest on. When the loan is paid in-full the funds become available to you. Visit for more information. Credit Strong

Checkit.Credit Credit Monitoring Service

Sign up for while doing Credit Score Improvement. They will monitor your credit files at all three major credit bureaus and you will be notified of any changes. also has a credit simulation program that you can enter the score you wish to reach and be give suggestions on how to attain it. Visit for more information. Credit Monitoring